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As a creation of Mother Nature, our physical bodies obey the rules of Nature. When we become physically out of balance, no amount of healing will put out a fire for long, should we keep throwing on petrol. I have seen recent amputee’s, sneaking out for a smoke on hospital wards. To benefit long term by healing, there may be underlying issues to address, such as diet or vitamin and mineral deficiencies. We can often benefit from the work of others who have gone before.

I spent 6 long years in a lab that tested pharmaceutical drugs. I took a keen interest in the subject when I left. Finding credible information on a particular ailment can be like wading through wet concrete. Listed below are some of the sources I would start with, depending on my condition, many of which will be completely unknown to practitioners within the conventional treatment field. These are for information purposes only, and not an endorsement.

Doctors well-meaning as they are frequently don’t read any literature beyond what the drug reps supply them. Any that step outside the worldwide system and publicly advocate the use of unapproved ‘alternatives’ are frequently persecuted. If it does not benefit the controlling interests, and can be exploited for profit, anything useful and usually low cost, will frequently be smeared, ridiculed and suppressed in the bought and paid for mainstream TV and Print media, and their allies. The allopathic medicine rather than treating the whole person ‘holistically’ is split into minutiae of ‘specialist departments’ who frequently know little of one another’s specific practices.

Many of the modern diseases are not accidental but a direct consequence of diet, lifestyle and chemical exposure. Many although known and documented were comparatively rare before the 1900’s and the dawn of the industrialisation of the food supply. Alzheimer’s Disease is first described by Dr. Alois Alzheimer in 1906, the age of petrochemicals, which coincided with the birth of the pharmaceutical industry from which it was spawned.

Their business model is generally one of tolerable maintenance, and the suppression of symptoms, very rarely addressing the root cause, despite the admission by the then head of Glaxo Smith Kline in Europe Allen Roses that 80% plus of his products only worked as intended in 30 to 50% of people.

Mix them all together and nobody knows what kind of toxic load the body has to deal with on top.

Folllow the links and educate yourself. I am not affiliated with any company or remedy and am not supplying products or services on anyones behalf. These are posted for information purposes. Do your own research. Many diseases share the same root causes and are simply different branches of the same tree.

Cancer is not a death sentence
an excellent overview of the resources available.
The famous Gerson Institute with their proven dietary regime for all chronic diseases, primarily cancers.
Dr Tulio Simoncini’s Sodium Bicarbonate anti fungal treatment.

Dr Mary Newport’s research showing dementia is likely to be diabetes of the brain, and how to address the problem with coconut oil.

Heart Disease.

All of Ross Horne's books are worth a read...

In the age of global communication nobody has to be a helpless victim anymore. Dying of ignorance is not the only option in my book, as in amongst the inevitable snake oil; there are a lot of people talking a lot of practical sense. Physicians, well-meaning as many are, serve as sales outlets for the pharmaceutical corporations, who control the medical colleges, often at a terrible cost to the patient who is pumped with multiple toxic drugs many to mask the effects of the previous toxic intake.

Help Yourself. ross

There are plenty more sites, which would take me forever to list. None of which is intended as a replacement for a medical diagnosis, but a starting point to educate yourself. There is no need to die of ignorance.
Should the advice of a physician be required I would recommend that it be sought.

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