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It is not a substitute for medical advice, but a complementary therapy, as old as mankind, and an entirely natural process which may induce physical changes in another living creature by a transfer of energy via the practioners hands, to enhance, rebalance or restore the recipients own.

What is Energy Healing. leo

This mysterious invisible ‘energy’ is not a new discovery and has been known and described in Eastern cultures for millennia as Chi, Prana, Ki, Num, bio-energy, etc. It works extremely well with animals of all sorts especially dogs, as well as humans of course. It is non-invasive, drug-free, has no ‘side effects’ while encouraging the body to repair itself from illness and traumatic injuries such as wounds and fractures. It can be given anywhere one to one, sitting or reclining, although a quiet setting is preferable.

In China for example, Qi Gong healers use ‘Nei kung’ (Inner Power), to direct their own ‘Chi’ externally to correct a very wide variety of ailments. There are currently around 10,000 mainland hospitals in China using nothing but healers, for all medical treatments, with no pharmaceuticals or surgery. If it were a simply suggestibility or ‘faith’ alone producing results how then can cats and dogs, despite having no apparent ‘faith’ or common language, by which any ‘suggestion’ can be made, respond so dramatically? Energy healing works regardless of faith, or religious beliefs.

What is Energy Healing. rosemary

What does it feel like?

Common physical effects are docile tranquillity and very mild warmth to extreme heat, or coolness and electrical tingling in various parts of the body, to a full on trance state, (which is quite harmless and reversible). The recipient and practitioner can on occasions experience, so called, ‘psychic phenomena’ such as smells, visions, and unexpected sensory sensations, similar to a hypnotic state, often with a feeling of 'floating' as the conscious mind relaxes. Outcomes vary from the very subtle, to the theatrically dramatic, with the complete spontaneous remission of physical symptoms and are generally unpredictable.

Do I have to be ill to benefit from a healing session!

NO, just like your car, if you service and maintain it, you will avoid more serious mechanical faults from arising. Your body is no different, if you neglect it will breakdown and be much harder to repair.

What is it not recommended for?

It is not usually effective with Psychiatric and Mental illnesses, and I would recommend specialist help.

What is a healing circle?

A group of people of varying number up to 50, depending on the venue size, seated in a ring holding hands, each treated in turn, eyes closed, listening to a selected music track, or meditating as appropriate. Like a string of Christmas lights, who share the electric energy passing through the connecting wire and in turn light up. In this case the wire would be the joined hands forming a continuous circuit, which is energised collectively by the healer.

What is it not?

Healing is NOT Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or Hypnosis; no verbal suggestions are implanted, although recipients will often mimic the hypnotic trance state. It requires no specialist equipment, just a wilingness to participate, preferably in a quiet place, which can be your favourite chair at your home, and follow a simple set of instructions. Mother Nature does the rest...

What to expect afterwards.

As with any treatment or therapy there are no pre–determined outcomes. Each person reacts differently to healing and many experience quite dramatic results which can be instant, or may occur over time, usually after a few days. Signs that something is changing are heat which can be very extreme or mild, tingling in the limbs or skin, buzzing sounds, coldness in parts of the body, and often an overwhelming feeling of total blissed out relaxation, which can last for several days. Some people can take a few sessions to fully benefit.

You are not alone!

It is difficult for most people to believe in things they can’t see, and yet we accept without question gravity, radiation, radio waves and emotions. Energy Healing has long been practiced and studied in the East. Western medical science has only recently started to appreciate how important this is to maintaining health, and some more enlightened medical doctors will now even recommend going to see a healer or energy therapist.

Millions of people across the world suffer from illnesses the medical profession fails to diagnose and can offer no treatment for. They view the body purely in its physical form, and completely miss the importance of body’s energy field in maintaining health and well-being. Over time, changes in the field can lead to physical health problems, an inner emotional turmoil, stress or anxiety, and a general lack of vitality.

Do you have an injury or health problem that won’t heal?

Is nobody giving you any answers or hope for a recovery?

Are you feeling tired and fatigued?

Get in touch, I may be able to help call me on 0791 2208525 or email

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