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How did I discover I could heal?

‘The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena; it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think it terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’

Nikola Tesla.

September 1997 I first saw ‘healing’ in action in a friend, induced by a local Homeopath which he called ‘Radiance Treatment’ (An early brand name of Reiki).He looked drugged to me, very calm and spacey describing the process, including the colours he saw behind his closed eyes as he lay on the practitioner’s couch. I initially dismissed it as nonsense, as like most rational people, I knew nothing about it at the time, and was highly sceptical. I went to the local library to research the world of ‘Energy Healing’ and found a book called, ‘the Link’ by the stage psychic Matthew Manning.

The same day I ran across a flyer in a health food shop, for the same Mr Manning’s UK ‘Healing Workshop Tour’. He was now billed as ‘The world’s only scientifically tested healer’ and had been promoted by Graham Wilson, the co-founder of the ‘Exhibition of Mind Body and Spirit’ in London, as its star attraction. I signed up for a day’s lecture and demonstrations at the Salomon Mansion, at Tunbridge Wells.

I asked him how he started ‘healing’ and he told me he was working in America as a ‘Silva mind control instructor’ which is a form of structured self-hypnosis training, developed by a Texas TV repairman in the 1940s and launched commercially in the mid-1960s. The Silva Method was very popular in the 1980s and 90s when I studied it myself.

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While in America he was introduced to American nurse Dolores Krieger’s methods as detailed in the book ‘The Therapeutic Touch: How to use your hands to help or to heal’. Kreiger was in turn initially taught by the Hungarian healer Oskar Estebany.

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At around 10.30am, sitting in a plastic chair, listening silently with around 50 other people to Mr Manning’s lecture, I shut my eyes expecting nothing and was startled as vivid purple blobs flashed up while 'electricity,' pulsed up my legs from the floor, followed by extreme heat which was transferred to anybody I touched, who would then ask if I was a ‘healer,’ a subject I knew nothing about which was why I was there.

I had done no preparation of any kind and said nothing, mindful of Mark Twain's advice, that it was ‘better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt’. The closest image for the pulsing in my legs was the scene from the 1927 Fritz Lang film 'Metropolis', where the robot woman comes alive, shown below.

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We were asked to silently close our eyes and ’empty our minds’ and slowly bring our hands together, converging about the navel In Chinese ‘Taoist’ belief, this is the 'Dan Tien' point or reservoir for the life force or ‘Chi’. I had tried years before at Tai Chi classes and was supposed to feel an ‘invisible leather ball’ opposing the hands which indicated the strength of the stored energy, but to no avail. Then I felt nothing at all; no resistance whatever.

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This time was different. I had a huge opposing magnet between my hands which kept them about two feet apart, but as soon as I started to think the effect disappeared. Each time I tried and stopped thinking the big magnet came back. No matter how hard I pushed, my hands would not come together. I came expecting to listen and watch, but my world was being upended, I was the last person this should be happening to, as a rational scientific ‘show me the evidence’ sceptic.

I won my schol prize for physics, worked in a pharmaceutical lab, and travelled about as a freelance advertising and commercial photographer, I had worked for the an NHS clinic, and was thoroughly grounded. I had seen a lot and done a lot, but nothing like this. I was stunned, this should NOT be happening to me of all people, but it was. With hindsight I suspect all of this activity was dormant, I had just never looked. Why would I ? Somehow Mr Manning seemed to have unwittingly stirred the sleeping giant. I had the full on experience that day, including telepathy, just like a sci-fi film.

Some months later I took my place at Mr Mannings ‘healing circle’ at Kensington Town Hall. closed my eyes, and did what I thought was to be a simple meditation for 45 minutes to a music track which produced nothing, just blackness behind my eyelids.

And then after half an hour, out of nowhere I saw a translucent pulsating grey figure, like a tailor’s dummy made of glowing fibreglass mesh, only it was over my right shoulder. Even though I had my eyes shut and was facing forwards, I was seeing behind myself from the front as if I was in a computer game! Something very strange was happening…Yet again! The luminous figure leant forward and pointed over my right side with ‘its’ right hand before placing both its glowing mesh hands, palm down on each shoulder.

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In an instant I felt like two red hot bars were rammed down through my torso. I jerked in the chair, as I was on fire inside, from top to bottom. I realised afterwards that the mesh figure was Mr Manning resting his hands on my shoulders as he walked around the perimeter. When I came to, I knew that something very odd had happened, just like that day at the ‘healing’ lecture.

I was disorientated, wobbling about, and couldn’t speak coherently, so I left in silence. I felt like I had been stunned with a Star Trek phaser.

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Driving home was a nightmare; my eyes kept shutting and I could not think straight, I collapsed into bed. When I awoke I was walking on clouds for a fortnight,

I collated everything I could find on 'healng', books, cd's, dvd's, and studied everything across the board from Quantum Physics, esoteric yoga, Christian based spiritualism, to Remote Viewing and more hypnosis. I Visited other healers, watched their methods and went on courses, anything and everything to explain what was happening to me. I met would be 'healers' and 'Masters' who made little impression except one in particular, a spiritualist lady who turned out to the real deal, inducing the burning heat in me by raising her hand from several feet away.

One of her collegues who knew nothing about me at the time, even told me during a 'service' that he had a message for me from 'the spirit world' that I had a very powerful healing gift! I never found out how he knew, as he was then reprimanded by the head of the church for passing the message. I am neither a believer or disbeliever but I accepted the message with good grace.

I was expecting to satisfy my curiosity on the 'healing' thing put it to bed and move on, but people would randomly appear in the oddest of places and start conversations, giving me snippets of information, and leads to follow. So like any good detective I followed them all. and really got into the nuts and bolts of ‘healing’. I was like being in a film for which I had no script. Every day something would happen which would have me shaking my head.

I set out intending to do nothing just study the subject. Then I changed tack and applied what I had seen and read and experimentied on people with real life conditions, from tinnitus to fractures, and I got amazing results, way against chance. This was clearly not some 'woo' New Age nonsense, it really worked, and the same thing the ancients in the East knew and described, which we in the West with our technology seemed to have indeed forgotten.

Every time I tried it on a different person I learned more about how it worked and what it could do.

People got obvious physical changes in their conditions, and I would frequently be shown images, sounds, and smells of related future events, just like a clairvoyant, which as far as I was concerned I was not. This would fit with what I believe happens with the healing process, everything is linked together by some form of creative energy infusing the universe, which flows through living creatures and departs at death. Many of whom worldwide are able to ‘tune in to’ and act as a transciever to enhance the health of the recipient, provided they are not to far off station. 'Tuning in' is the key to the healing process, as some people are clearly more receptive than others.

I came to think of the Healer as a booster/transmitter, re- radiating a master signal which the other radios (recipients) tuned into and realigned themselves to. The usual question was: ‘Will it work for me, and if so, to what degree?’ The usual answer was: ‘You have nothing to lose but your symptoms…Until we try it, we will never know.’

Early on it became very obvious that for unknown reasons I was able to do this with the minimum of effort NATURALLY. No need to wrap it in mystique. Engaging the process was simple, i.e. stop thinking!

Unconditional compassion for a person or animal, was the key, that was it...Nothing else was needed, the complicated add ons, initiations, degrees, secret symbols, and rituals were an irrelevant distraction... All I needed was to quieten my mind and as the Nike ad says 'Just Do It!'

When a client gets a positive result from our interaction, I am walking on clouds myself, the feeling of having done something helpful for another whose need is greater, for me is priceless.

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