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Testimonials. frank

F D Cahuzac (France) Stroke/paralysis

I made no predictions and sat him in his favourite chair with closed eyes, while I stood behind him with my hands either side of his head, he drifted off for around twenty minutes. The formerly frail old man opened his eyes wide and beamed at me and my dumbstruck companion, talking normally, repeating over and over ‘wow, that’s amazing, wow, look…at that!!!’ picking up a pair of dumbbells from the floor and waving them around, before lifting his knees high up, each in turn saying ‘wow, that’s amazing, wow, look…at that, wow, can I get up…wow!!!’
The healing completely transformed him from a shuffling, unsteady, dribbling shadow of his former self, to a confident reflection of what he formerly was. The events were independently witnessed by my driver, and host for the trip, who wrote it up in her diary as follows‘I arrived at F’s before Andy had finished, and watched as he sat quietly in the dark room as night had fallen. Once finished the extent of the healing became apparent. F was ecstatic once he realised what had happened. He had lost his tremor, he stood and walked easily and his balance was restored his face beamed its delight at us. I made us all a cup of tea, well-earned. It was wonderful to see 84 year old F explore the new possibilities of his limbs and balance. All of us were delighted and overjoyed. Although I have read many accounts of Andy’s work, this is the first time I have ever seen, before and after. It was a remarkable, humbling experience and one that I shall never forget.
G N. Montguyard. (France)

I went back unannounced the next day, and treated him again, for free, with more of the same.
‘I suffered a stroke 2 years ago, and am recovering slowly, it has made (me) rather unsteady on my feet, and I have had some nasty falls. I am booked in the New Year (for) a month in a recovery hospital. Yesterday I met up with Andy and he worked on me for a considerable time, and he did wonders to my poor condition and I am working on the great benefit of his great work on my body.’ Thanking You F D
© Andy Johnson 2016

AW (Kent UK) Blindness/diabetes/oedema/multiple organ failure.

A friend for over 35 years, now sadly deceased, I was shocked to discover his impending blindness. I treated him sitting on his sofa.
Within seconds he reported ‘Hellish heat’ in his head, which recurred every subsequent time I worked on him. From a slow start, over the next few weeks, after repeated sessions, his sight fully restored itself, as the blood supply to the dead tissue resumed. He is a perfect example of the process working at its best. The internal discharge notice issued later on by the hospital specialist, said ‘No further contact required’.

Testimonials. alan

That was issued a year on from our initial session, and nearly two years ago at the time of writing, my friend was 86 and his sight was still, according to him, as near as perfect! The Ophthalmologist was incredulous to observe that his patients ‘bad’ eye had mysteriously ‘Regenerated itself’ which was apparently not what he expected to see. My friend told me that, he was torn but, decided to say nothing, as he felt that the man may not have appreciated it, knowing of the previous response to the client with the paralysed arm (D I) described later. His comments are below:

‘Arriving at age 83, and largely unscathed, my health failed drastically. I was repeatedly hospitalized due to complications from type 2 diabetes, including failing memory, speech, kidneys, and heart, and acute oedema. In March 2014, I lost most of the sight in my right eye, whose retina had officially atrophied from blood starvation. I was told at the very least to prepare for a state of permanent blindness, which was the icing on the cake. I couldn’t use my computer or even do my crossword. As a published author, things could not have been blacker, optimism left, and severe depression settled in, taking up residence at my table. At this point I was offered a ‘healing session’ with Andy Johnson, knowing nothing of what was involved; I felt I had little to lose. I sat in silence in a dim room on chair with my back to him, and was told to expect nothing, just to close my eyes, breath slowly and deeply, and observe and report anything as it occurred good or bad. He is extremely understated, almost Zen like, about what he does, which he regards as simply ‘a privilege’. Why him? Why not? He has no idea, he just can. He made no great claims, predictions or promises. He simply asked me to recall a time from my past when I was ‘carefree’ and picture it in my mind’s eye. Despite my hopeless predicament, his only comment was that something would happen. Then from nowhere I was engulfed in an intense heat, like sitting in a furnace, at which point I was so shocked that I shouted out about the ‘hellish heat’ which I had never experienced before. It turned out he had his hands either side from my head about 8 inches out, and was ‘tuning in’ to me. Shortly afterwards my eyesight improved to the point where I had almost perfect vision in my ‘Dead’ right eye, which is now no longer blind, my memory is largely functional, I can now do my crosswords again, and have NO DIABETES! I have literally a new lease of life. I have weekly ‘top up sessions’, complete with the heat, after which I always feel amazing, and best of all, as I approach my 85th birthday, is that on Jan 14th 2015 I was discharged from the Kings College Ophthalmology dept., as the baffled consultant declared that my ‘dead eye was now working properly’ and had ‘mysteriously come back to life,’ for which he had ‘no medical explanation!’ His passing words were, ‘I can’t promise you a miracle’ to which ‘I replied,’ you don’t have to, I’ve already had one!’ I declined to mention my ‘healing sessions’ being well aware of the hostility that such impossible nonsense can generate in highly qualified ‘experts’. I should like to state for the record that what this man does is truly remarkable; he most certainly has a ‘gift of unknown things’. Being lucky enough to have benefitted in person, I cannot thank him enough. I am more grateful than words that he has worked his magic on me at all. I have given up trying to explain it, I am also very aware of the mental paralysis the very idea induces in some people. Yet no matter the physical affliction, whatever it is he does, I am living proof, IT WORKS!'
A W (Sept 29th 1930-5th March 2017)

© Andy Johnson 2015

M P Primrose Hill (UK) Split retina blided by bottle impact

This girl was bystander in a pub fight who was hit in the eye by a flying bottle, which split her retina. On arrival, her other eye was misaligned, pointing outwards. The pupil of the eye with the damage was the size of a black penny piece with no iris. As a fashion designer the use of her eyesight was very important. I treated her lying flat on a massage table at the top of her house, where she went out very quickly and stayed under for about two hours. When I started, I heard the name ‘Derek’ which she later recognised as both her boss and her previous boyfriend. I left her after about 45 minutes, and was downstairs chatting with her current live-in boyfriend, a record producer for Sony. She later appeared behind me, in the doorway, appearing quite disorientated and dazed. When I turned to look at her, both her eyes were now aligned straight ahead, and both pupils had an iris the normal size.

‘Dear Andy, my sight is still improving all the time, after seeing you and experiencing the change in my sight; I wanted to thank you for opening me up to the alternative methods of healing. If I had not experienced that improvement from our session, I may not have had the faith to continue and instead gone along with the doctors B&*@£$!, (Bullshit). Thank you so much’.

© Andy Johnson 2005

C G Vogelgrun (Germany) undefined lung condition

On a second commercial photographic trip to Germany, the lead singer in the Opera production I was working on, had trouble with his breathing and asked for my help. He was also a healer, though quite different from me. His original German document, his account of what happened reads. With grateful thanks for the great help.

Testimonials. claus

'The description of the treatment on 13/07/2001 @ Vogelgrun Ille du Rhin, France: 1) Warmth in both hands. 2) Heat starting from the head to the chest, first in back area.3) Heaviness in feet.4) Two second long dreams as if in trance.5) Lightning flashes in deep colours.6) Feeling of ants running over body first hands then head. 7) Incredible burning sensation in chest and hands. I think I’ve got a high temperature and I am burning up, have to open mouth to reduce heat. Attack of coughing. On the whole very good feeling, with great fascination and trust. 8) End of treatment felt straight away with heat dying down 9) Warm relaxed state. Resume Tightness in chest and coughing attacks extremely reduced can breathe much deeper, Wake up the next morning happy and not tormented. Having to work away from home had been causing some strain within his marriage and relations with his wife had recently been somewhat tense to put it politely. The next day after speaking with her on the phone he remarked on an astounding difference in her temperament, which was unexpected and inexplicable — until she described to him having felt the SAME PHENOMENA as he AT THE SAME TIME but 300 miles away at home in Regensburg in Germany!
Addendum 14/07/2001
My wife feels the treatment 500km away at the same time, high temperature etc. In the morning on the phone, she is happy, in comparison to the conversation of the night before (the treatment) when she is depressed, destructive and full of reproach. I CAN SCARCELY BELIEVE IT! — (neither could I at the time!)' C G

Was it a coincidence? Most definitely, but in the true sense of the word; it was a connected occurrence or ‘synchronicity’ if you think of it in Jungian terms.

© Andy Johnson 2001

W G Dartford (UK) Acne Rosacea (Inflammation of the facial skin and mucous membranes) and twisted knee.

This client initially came with Acne Rosacea (Inflammation of the facial skin and mucous membranes). For the first session he was out for two hours, lying flat on a massage table at my house. I heard the names Rob and Sharon (his long unseen friends from Devon) and Jilly. Several months later he called me to say these long lost old friends had now been in contact and had split up at same the time I heard their names. During the session I saw a clear image of a woman’s leopard type print skirt from just above the Knee, down to the feet, wearing gold coloured, high-heeled sandals. One week later, almost to the hour, I met the owner of the legs, dressed exactly as I had seen in my mind’s eye, the week before, when she arrived at my local pub in the early hours of the morning and leaned on my left shoulder.

Testimonials. legs

First session. 'Felt as though the hair on the top of my head was being pulled–I hardly have any. Everything brightened up at one point–like a light was turned on. Had different sensations of heat, cold, tingling –like pins and needles sensations at different parts of my body. Forearms and hands had strong pins and needles sensations– so moved them to ease sensations but did not go away. Still now as am drinking tea hands still feel fairly warm. Felt hungry at one point and fancied some supper of toast when got home. Andy later made some toast '.

Client was out for two hours, reporting a red hot 3″ disc in the middle of his forehead above his eyes. He looked stunned when he came back, saying he was pulsing with energy and that it was ‘something to tell his grandchildren’. I observed a violent jerk from his legs before he briefly sat upright at about a 30-degree angle. Before flopping back down without waking. He said afterwards he did not feel at all tired, and could now go out and run a marathon. He got up to go to the toilet, despite being advised against, and collapsed in a heap on the floor, as ‘his legs refused to support him’. I covered him with a blanket and told him to wait until they were working again. Upon his return he reported that his bladder muscles were so relaxed he was unable to shut off his urine stream, which he likened to watching a garden hose. I prefer healing clients to go to the toilet before we start, as I have seen this many times. I also recommend you do not get up straight away after a session, at least until everything is functioning again as the effect can be quite un-nerving.
Second Session. 'The last time he said he had jump started my engine! This time it felt like he had put a massive jet engine in the car and taken me drag racing – a bit of a Change!!! As soon as he started my whole head started to buzz intensely.
My forehead became intensely hot like a hot sun was beating down on it I can describe the whole thing in one word –BUZZ. Andy must have three-phase (industrial electricity) being piped in, I was buzzing like a bee on speed. A very intense experience compared to the last time. My car was putt, putt, putting along, not a care in the world, next thing I was flying along at 600mph. At one point my whole body spasm’d, like the feeling when you are falling when just about to fall asleep. After Andy had finished, a while later, I had to get up to go to the toilet! Everything was ok until I had to use my legs–they did not do everything I wanted them to do. I felt incapacitated'.

This gentleman returned some time later in considerable pain with a twisted knee, the second day following the session (described below). He reported dramatic progress in his condition, and subsequently flew off for his pre-booked snowboarding holiday in Canada. This time I heard the names Wendy and Dawn. Neither was recognised. Sometimes the pictures and sounds that appear, do not relate to the person directly, and may be out of sequence then reveal themselves days or weeks later elsewhere, similar to the process of ‘Remote Viewing’ as used by the American military.
Third Session.
'Felt totally tripped out this time, buzzing very strongly Felt a wave go from the top of my leg all the way down, then back up At one point my whole stomach was buzzing all over Very strange sensation Did not really feel that much on my bad leg just a warm sensation In general just had a very strong buzzing sensation, did not know where I was this time, the only thing That brought me round was when my bad leg began to ache and was itching When stomach was buzzing I could feel my whole stomach (not just the pit of my stomach) buzzing over its entirety. Did not feel like electricity this time. My breathing felt heavy at times then it would pass. Do not know who Wendy and Dawn are'.

© Andy Johnson 2003

D I. Sutton (UK) Paralysis

This client’s right arm was paralysed from the shoulder down, after falling three months earlier. Conventional surgery produced no result. Full function was returned after third healing. The first session was on a massage table at the client’s flat with dimmed lights. She was deeply entranced for about 45 minutes. In the second session she was sitting upright in wooden chair in the back room of her hairdressing salon; again deeply entranced with her eyes closed but in full daylight. She commented both times that her clothes were soaking wet from sweat due to the extreme heat. After the third session, again in a chair and entranced, I was able to induce forward motion; rocking her back and forth from two feet away silently pushing the air behind her. Similar to the practice of certain martial arts techniques, using ‘directed chi’. Unfortunately this was all a bit too much for the woman working out the front, who refused to watch, became extremely distressed and then refused to talk me! Sadly my client got a similar reaction and was forcefully ejected from her medical consultant’s office where she demonstrated how her arm was now working perfectly. When she described her experience with me, and subsequent recovery, the consultant’s response was ‘well you don’t need me then’ and asked her to leave and not come back.
First session
'Dull lights, Ripple motion, Tingle down right leg, Inner warmth. Felt like I was floating, definitely an improvement in my arm'.
Second Session
'Very hot lower back and top of head, Arm went red and forehead went red, Red hot sweaty hands Arm went red, Forehead went red, I felt like I had just woken from a deep sleep. Arm is now fully usable Scar was really itchy'.
Third Session
'Pulling feeling in Hands'.

© Andy Johnson 2006

D R T Thornton Heath (UK) Pott's ankle fracture. Facial Paralysis

This gentleman broke his ankle in three parts 10 years earlier, after a hit and run accident which was still weak and painful. Known as a
‘Pott’s Fracture,’ after Dr. Pott, who suffered similar when alighting his carriage on Hammersmith Bridge. I was at the mayonnaise factory on other business, and spontaneously offered to work on him. I had observed his strange gait which I thought was a club foot. Up to that point he knew nothing of what I did or the subject of healing and simply did as I asked. He had a 10 minute impromptu session in the locker room of the factory where he worked. He sat on a wooden bench with his boot off, as I put one hand above his knee and the other below his foot, with radio 1 blaring,above the clanking and chuffing of the mixing line behind us; neither of which made the slightest difference to the outcome. He described his leg as going ‘icy cold’ and feeling very sleepy. The next day he was walking normally.

'To whom it may concern, until I met healer Andy Johnson, I was in pain most of the time, (due to a hit and run accident about ten years ago). But after just one session of healing I have no pain!'
Yours faithfully.
D R T.

At the same time I treated his colleague for facial paralysis in front of two independent witnesses, one of whom was his girlfriend. This gentleman had ‘’Bell’s Palsy’ which had been caused by over indulgence in Cocaine. He sat upright on the wooden bench facing the doorway, in which a girl suddenly appeared. I stood behind him with a hand above his head and one below his chin. Within seconds he was entranced. I stopped after 10 minutes and looked at his face, it was clear that he was in a state of trance. I brought him back with post hypnotic suggestion, counting down from 10 to 1, at which point he came around looking very dazed. The girl then introduced herself and commented that, as she watched, his face had returned to normal while I was standing behind him, then reverted to about half way. Two days later he was fully recovered. When I asked him where he went, he said he ‘didn’t know but it was lovely and he didn’t want to come back’. This reminded me at the time of reports of people who have ‘near death experiences’ his other comment was that when I was ‘active’ that the left side of his face felt like it had a blowtorch playing up and down it.I have heard similar descriptions many times before, including one from a friend who was reclining on my bed in the dark, where unknown to her, I held the palm of my left hand about eight inches from the crown of her head. She reported being so hot and sweaty her clothes were drenched, and that when my right finger unwittingly touched the top of her right ear, it was like being burned by a set of ‘curling tongs’. I noticed the week before as she squeezed past me in my crowded bar that the palm of her hand on my back burnt like an electric iron, hence the experiment, which she had no prior knowledge of. I believe she would make a good healer herself as she appears to have the same latent ability I had, should she wish to develop it.

© Andy Johnson 2010

S M (kent UK) Unknown Ailments

I cannot remember why this client came, but I remember an interesting session. He told me he had modelled for a yoga manual; which was on my bookshelf, complete with his picture on the cover! I wrote at the time. I heard the name 'Ben' – his dog’s name. Client was laughing and crying alternately with his eyes open while entranced. He was out for a couple of hours.

'At some point during the healing my head was very slowly turned from left to right. This happened five times without touching my head. After the fifth time my breathing became very deep and relaxed and I began to laugh and cry, as if something emotional was being released. I also felt tingling sensations in my heart and throat, and had the impression at various times that there were other people present. At one point I felt that Andy was at my head and someone else was at my feet. Also both hands locked with the index fingers pointing forwards. My left hand felt like it was holding a flat oval stone between the thumb and fingers and my right hand felt like it was holding something as well, altogether, an amazing experience'.

© Andy Johnson 2002

R G Bournemouth (UK) Glaocoma, backache, depression.

I was a guest at this gentleman’s house, who had heart arrhythmia, glaucoma, and a large blood clot beneath his right shoulder blade, while still in his early 20s. He had a history of depressive mood swings, muscular aches and poor sleep, with extreme pain in his upper back on waking in the morning.
‘The first thing I noticed was I slowly started to drift off and felt weightless. I felt like I was floating. My sleep I ever had in my life and feel like a massive weight has been lifted off of me. I woke up and my back and shoulder was at ease, it didn’t ache, it didn’t hurt nothing. I feel like I have a new back. Arms and legs felt like they were floating above me. I felt an incredible rush of energy, my head felt clear and empty. I started to feel tiny little pricks across the whole of my face. One side of my face felt like I couldn’t open one eye, but not in a bad way, it felt at ease. My muscles in my arms and legs felt at ease all of my aches were gone. I was incredibly relaxed as my arms started to pop / click, but once that happened it felt a million times better. I felt incredible amounts of heat coming from the back of my head to the front to my eyes, then slowly it started to ease up and relax, once it was gone and back to normality my head was clear of everything. In my mind I still felt like I was floating but I was on a level with it. I felt happy and like nothing bothered me. I felt I was one with the music and I was so in tune with that and nothing else at all. I sat up and felt like I couldn’t walk because I was so relaxed. I was getting bright white flashes from the edge of my eye which was also the whole way through. I saw this purple wavy line going back and forth (in) both of my eyes getting stronger and stronger then slowly it drifted away to being able to see nothing but the flickering candle. Best sleep I ever had in my life and feel like a massive weight has been lifted off of me. I woke up and my back and shoulder was at ease, it didn’t ache, it didn’t hurt nothing. I feel like I have a new back’.

© Andy Johnson 2013

G N (France) Long term depression

'Through Andy's specialist knowledge I have been healed from the depression which has blighted my life for many years now. I had tried conventional medicine through my doctor and this failed to affect the depression in any way. Since I took Andy's advice on my diet and vitamin and mineral intake, six months ago, I have experienced complete healing from this appalling illness, which I had always suspected was linked to diet in some way, but had been unable to discover how. I would normally have spent several months of this winter living a substandard life, attempting to survive each depressed day. I will always be grateful for Andy's expert knowledge and understanding and compassionate approach for revolutionising my life'.

My simple answer was to read the books by by Abram Hoffer MD PhD, who was a pioneer of Orthomolecular medicine who recommended taking Vitamin B3 (Niacin) and vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid 3 times a day.

I am not a physician and do not prescribe medical advice. Should the services of a medical professional be required I would recommend that they be sought.

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